March 17, 2017

While it was, thankfully, not a destructive storm for me, the snowstorm that swept the northeast corner of the country was enough to keep me inside for two straight days – work was closed, my car was buried, and I had enough food (and whiskey and ginger ale) to last me for at least a week if need be. My partner and my roommate were both home for th...

March 11, 2017

Like many well-meaning, millennial hipsters, I struggle to find authenticity—particularly in regards to my identity. I question my motivations, preferences, and fears as if self-actualization were a matter of hours logged (in some sense it is a community service after all). Inevitably though, I come to the same conclusion: there is no real/right/be...

March 6, 2017

Girlchild is the exuberant, arresting debut of Tupeol Hassman.  It is the story of Rory Dawn Hendrix, ‘feebleminded daughter of a feebleminded daughter, herself the product of feebleminded stock.’ Born to the Calle, a Nevada trailer park as poor and forgotten as the dirt it sits upon, Girlchild sees Rory attempt to navigate her way to adolescence t...

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