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Issue eleven features short fiction from C.C. Russell, Katherine Davis, Moriah Hampton, Ace Boggess, B.D. Feil, and L.M. Davenport; creative nonfiction from Chila Woychik, Allora Campbell, Sara Fall, and Paige Thomas; as well as artwork from Richard Vyse, Jennifer Lothrigel, Peter Espinosa, Matthew Felix Sun, C.R. Resetarits and Chris Gavaler.

From the Editor : "The ten, sumptuous works that fill these pages are meant to be savored—devoured slowly—each word a separate, delectable note on the tongue; each piece a delicate, deliberate working. There is heartbreak in these pages, raw, bruised and bloody. And there is pluck, exploration and redemption. These are the windows to many worlds, but also, always, to our own. A coming of age and of self is explored in “More Foreign Than the French Kids,” while love both betrays and ignites in “Caught” and “Notes on Surviving the Broken Heart.” “A Rural Fall: 7 Days” and “The Last of the Season,” in piercing prose, render both the vitality and vulnerability of the earth we inhabit. “The Many Legged Menace” sees a woman desperate to be seen, while “While at the Park” exposes a father’s true, if desperate, nature. “Of the Body” reveals the predatory nature with which women’s bodies are consumed, while “The Muse” examines the complex nature of love expressed through art. Finally, “Up Yours” chronicles the precarious nature of freedom and familial history."

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Issue Ten features short fiction from Bim Angst, Pete Levine, Stephanie Austin, A.E. Tippin, and Hannah Lackoff; creative nonfiction from Travis Truax, Julia Ponder, and Naomi Kimbell; and artwork from Norma Alonzo, Bette Ridgeway, William C. Crawford, Jess Wong, Ann-Marie Brown, Tracy Pitts, and Judith Skillman

From the Editor : "This slender volume is filled with nine vibrant, honest, deliberate works.  Above all Sonder stands for writing which slips beneath the skin; worms its way to the bone and takes hold. Each piece found here filled our hearts, stoked some primal fire, and wouldn’t let go. ‘Grounding’ revisits missed connections, while ‘Wildflowers’ explores the idea of perception. In ‘Something Like a Season’ and ‘Climbing Old Rag Mountain,’ nature and the narrator merge. An old man finds peace within an apathetic universe in ‘Disposition of the Domes,’ and in ‘Footsteps, Heartbeat, Fire, Voice,’ a woman seeks to rectify her mother with her stories. ‘Freddy and Lu at the Laundromat’ challenges what it is to love and in ‘Being the Responsible One,’ we see the toll of a life taken.  Finally, ‘Coconuts’ chronicles two young boys’ first foray into the illicit."

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The Sonder Review Issue 7


Issue Nine features short fiction from Ashley Kunsa, Kate Wheeler, Brandon Hansen, Chris Vanjonack, Marley Simmons Abril, and Jennifer Benningfield; nonfiction from Ania Payne, Victoria Sanderson, Virginia Boudreau, and Christy O'Callaghan; and artwork from Bill Wolak, Paul Luikart, Darren M. Edwards, Holly Spiess, Elaine Verdill, Allison Janicki, Richard Vyse, Alexandra Rock, Kari Bell, Jim Zola, Sahar Safarian, and Fariel Shafee

From the Editor : "Each of the twelve pieces in this issue is deliberate in craft, in the sculpting of language and character.  Featured Author, Ashley Kunsa, offers three spare, devastating portraits of loss and wanting; the searing knowledge of what might have been.  ‘Sweatshirt’ details the vast depth of a sister’s love for her brother, while ‘Alpha Gals’ charts the often-unfathomable impact of our origins. ‘November’ and ‘Alive @ 148mph’ both question the indiscriminate and unknowable forces which shape our lives.  In ‘Gust’ a woman reflects on a life spent and ‘Blue Bar, Surf Avenue’ searches for a way forward in the wake of death.  ‘Bluff’ is a delicate rendering of the profundity of friendship, while ‘Under the Midnight Sun’ reveals the sanctity of culture and the world we inhabit. Finally, ‘The Life Expectancy of a Human Skeleton’ details a man’s unraveling psyche as he seeks to define himself within the world."

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The Sonder Review Issue 7


Issue Eight features short fiction from Megan Parker, Amy VanDeburgh Fant, Suzzanna Matthews-Amanzio, Tom Barlow, Ann Fisher, and A.A. Azariah-Kribbs; nonfiction from Jennifer Clark, Chelsey Clammer, and Louis Gallo; and artwork from Michal Mitak, Shushanik Karapetyan, Bill Wolak, Allison Morton, Alexander Cheravskiy, Amanda Bess Allen, Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Joshua H. Baker, Stephanie Flood.

From the Editor : "Thus I give you Issue 8. Nine startling, succulent, singular pieces. Each its own labor of love, each a vital vision into some facet of this human life rendered in vivid, thoughtful prose.  In ‘The Anvil’ a brother lusts for his sister’s heart.  ‘The Clairvoyant’ sees a couple seeking purpose in lives half lived and ‘At a Loss’ searches for answers in the wake of a shattering death. In ‘A Fleeting History of Phylum, Class, Order, and Family’ a daughter rediscovers her father, while ‘In Media Res-On the Road in the Deep South, Destination: Katrina’ looks for sense in the wake of tragedy. Both ‘Biddlecom Sweeny’ and ‘Technitos’ examine what it is to be human and whole.  Finally, in ‘The Aquarium’ a father battles with the cost of saving his daughter, while ‘Salt’ contemplates the slow unraveling of a life."

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The Sonder Review Issue 7

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Issue Seven features an author Interview: A Conversation with Rachel Hall; Fiction from Ashley Kunsa, Benjamin Touche, Christine Kandic, Rebecca Diaz; nonfiction from Doug Selwyn, Lynda Levy; artwork from Bill Wolak, Floater, Evelyn Rapin, Dick Evans, Janelle Cordero, Matt Gold.

From the Editor : "Each piece in Issue7 is unflinching – in voice, in intent.  Each cultivates language.  Each resonantes, a string plucked deep within the chest.  ‘Try’ and ‘21st Century American Phantasmagoria,’ each distinctive in vision and rich in prose, seek to make sense of this existence and our place within it, with the others alongside of us.  ‘The Sofa’ offers a slight window onto the crossroads of what is and might have been, while ‘Repeat as Necessary (or How to Blow Up Your Life)’ moves past them to step a foot out into the void, searching for a landing in the black.  Both ‘Crumbs’ and ‘Secondary Flightlessness’ show us profound loss, the reverberating echo of devastation, and the strength necessary to face it, to find the pathway through to the other side.  Finally, our Author Interview, ‘Heirlooms: A Conversation with Rachel Hall,’ becomes something necessary, something all too relevant, as we discuss her collection of linked stories following a Jewish family through four generations, through the holocaust, through their immigration to America, through the reckoning of inherited histories, inherited horrors, and the clammy grip of the past."

The Sonder Review Issue 6


Issue Six features fiction from J.L. Cooper, Imaani Cain, Ethan Forrest, and Kate LaDew; nonfiction from Laura Valeri, Anna Davis, Philip Kobylarz, Kaityn Burd, Cassandra Ricard, and Erin Conway; and artwork from Bill Wolak, Cesar Valtierra, Margo Lemieux, Richard LeBlond, Martha Clarkson, Brad Garber, and Hildy Maze.

From the Editor : "The pieces in Issue Six are deft, in prose and intention.  Skillfully crafted and distinctly imagined, these pieces speak to each other.  They linger, necessary touchstones, a vital echo connecting us all.  In ‘Giraffes,’ a young woman navigates the remnants of childhood, while ‘Death (n.)’ struggles with what it is to lose something you never really knew.  ‘When Sun and Moon Were Close’ and ‘Small Things’ both contemplate the nature of connection – one between strangers, the other between mother and daughter.  ‘Patience’ shows us the worth of waiting. In both ‘A Drunk Just Like Your Mother’ and ‘A Certain Hunger,’ expectations and reality collide, while ‘Heirloom Seeds’ searches to understand the weight of generations.  ‘Cahokia of Our Own’ sees a young man come of age, grappling to step from childhood and into himself.  And finally, in ‘After Life as a Human,’ the intersection of man and nature brings tragic consequence."

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The Sonder Review Issue 5


Issue Five features fiction from Thea Swanson, C.C. Russell, Sandra Snegoff, Patrick Pfister, and S.P. Hannaway; nonfiction from Alaina Symanovich, Famia Nkansa, and Rose Kennell; and artwork by W. Jack Savage, Bill Wolack, Kathy Rudin, Michael St. Germain, Michael Peterson, and Richard Vyse.

From the Editor : "The pieces in this issue are diverse.  They are resonant and multifaceted.  ‘No Man’s Land’ searches for a sense of belonging in a land that should be home.  Both ‘Boxes’ and ‘August 9, 2014, 2:00AM’ deal with the revelatory nature of sudden loss.  In ‘Filmic’ and ‘Smitten Boys’ love’s true nature is revealed, and a new love is shaped by an old one in ‘Macy of the Melanoma.’  A year of travel brings unexpected answers in ‘RTW’ and ‘Leftover Heartbeats’ captures what it is to fight against inevitability.  Finally, ‘When Out of the Sky, A Crow’ sees a boy precariously hunt for his true nature."

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The Sonder Review Issue 4

ISSUE4 : FALL 2015

Issue Four features an interview with Lisa C. Taylor; fiction from Angela Denk, Tara Isabel Zambrano, Bob Shar, Annabel Banks, and Alex Sharp; nonfiction from Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Corey Latta, and Lillian Brown, and artwork from Lauren Rock, Edwin Sellors, W. Jack Savage, Ramsay Wise, and Kathy Rudin.

From the Editor : "Laura Bernstein-Machlay, our Featured Author, writes, ‘it all comes back to language, the words, their sounds and layers of meaning, the rhythms, the metaphor-- the inherent poetry of the prose.’   And each piece in this issue has just that.  Each piece is full of brilliance, words which shimmer and shiver through you.  These stories stir the senses, they expand in your lungs.  In ‘Missing’ and ‘Travelers,’ we explore the tension between the safety of home and the desire for freedom.  In ‘Puffing on His Firestick’, ‘Hands’, and ‘An Innocent Pasture’ we are shown the sorrow of children over their parents’ decisions.  In ‘Round’ we are lost in sensation.  In ‘Polo’ and ‘Wholemeal’ we taste loss, while in ‘Gestault’ we vibrate with new power.  Finally, in ‘Chicago ‘95’ we experience the precariousness of youth." 

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The Sonder Review Issue 3


Issue Three features fiction from C.C. Russell, Elena Christine, Christy Patterson, and Thea Swanson; nonfiction by Sarina Bosco, Karen Ashburner, Lisa Andrews, and Jane Varley; and artwork by Louis Staeble, L.B. Green, Ashley Campbell, Molly Cranch, Courtney Porto, and Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier.

From the Editor : "Each piece in this issue of Sonder touches something vital within us – something that tells us, you are not as alone as you think­, something that shows us our burdens are not meant to be carried in solitude.  And, each piece showcases astounding craftsmanship, words both delicate and fierce, language both spare and luminous.  These are pieces meant for teeth to be sunken into and throats to swallow whole.  In ‘A Life,’ a daughter comes to understand her father too late, while in ‘Knuckles Deep in Carrion’ a daughter learns her father’s habit for carnage.  ‘Morning Backward and Forward’ is the succulent portrait of the power of place.  Both ‘Buffalo Girls’ and ‘Self Defense,’ stark and piercing in their prose, bring to life a city and the dark inhabitants they hold.  A mother and her daughter take a trip that will one day be lost to time in ‘In Toronto’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ visits the ways in which our hearts betray us.  Finally, ‘Love in Bones’ seeks to understand how love can be conditional." 

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The Sonder Review Issue 2


Issue Two features fiction from Andi Tomassi, Jessemy Neiger, Nina Alvarez, Lynn Holmgren, Amy Feltman, Lisa Taylor, Barbara Harroun, Kayla Pongrac, Tim Kahl, and Jane Williams; and artwork by Kirsten Meyer, Andi Tomassi, Adel Souto, Rohan Garg, Kirsten Oberly, Alli Hurley, Randi Ward, and Brian Barbeito.

From the Editor : "Each of the ten stories in Issue Two are thoughtful and precise, in prose and intention.  They are meant to be savored.  To be read aloud.  Each word measured, each sentence deliberate.  These are the stories that gave me pause.  They are the ones that filled my heart with hunger and shivered their way across my skin.  In ‘Baby Pet’ a woman finds herself suddenly in possession of someone else’s child.  ‘Five Percent’ examines hidden pasts and the nature of truth, while ‘The Question Is What To Do About the Question’ finds reality fragmented with memory.  ‘The Cane Cutter’s Son’ reveals the time worn relationship of a mother and her son and in ‘Rapture,’ a young girl is suddenly swept away from her small town.  ‘Giancarlo’ deftly visits a first, young love.  ‘The Wall Map’ and ‘Air Ocean’ are soft, spare portraits of every day moments.  And, in the brief but powerful ‘Separation Anxieties’ and ‘The Breakers,’ every weighted word counts." 

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The Sonder Review Issue 1

ISSUE1 : FALL 2014

Issue One features interviews with Jacob M. Appel & Mark Wagstaff; fiction from Andi Tomassi, Kera Yonker, Zoe Novak, Mark Wagstaff, Evan Mallon, C.C. Russell; and artwork by Ernest Williamson, Regan Dianne, Louis Staeble, Melinda Giordano, Alesia Hoyle, Rees Nielsen, Andi Tomassi, Jan Karlsson.

From the Editor : "Sonder exists because I wanted to make something necessary, something expansive and piercing.  I wanted to discover new voices and celebrate them.  I wanted to support fiction that challenged and provoked me.  I wanted to work with other writers and help make their own work sing.  And, the pieces appearing in Issue One did just that.  Each of the six stories in this issue have taken me by surprise and held on. In ‘Blue Bird Lane,’ memory is fluid and words spare.  ‘The Stand-In’ questions the inevitability of pain and loss while choices are made and regret learned in ‘The Ways Things Turned Out.’  ‘The Curator of Bluebird’ and ‘The Gallery’ examine the nature of possession, of objects and people.  ‘Crystallized,’ with sharp prose and deft observation, looks at opportunities lost and love imagined.  Six distinct, delicate, hilarious, striking, luxe, visceral voices and the visons they’ve created." 

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