Sonder Reads | Kayla Ponrac's The Flexible Truth

Kayla Pongrac’s chapbook, The Flexible Truth, is full of strange, succulent little fictions, each one as startling and deftly crafted as the next. Pongrac’s stories are provocative, poignant and disarming. The twenty-seven pieces that form this collection are brief but luminous, deliberately worded and with marked intent. In these stories, a woman ponders the apocalypse, the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex becomes a coveted house guest, the tour of a relative’s home reveals more than was bargained for, picnics are hosted on the backs of elephants, and an advice column dispenses answers in the form of cryptic vignettes. Pongrac’s voice is spare; her vision singular. With keen prose, and a penchant for thoughtful language and captivating imagery, The Flexible Truth shows us that there is power in brevity and meaning in every, measured line.

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