From the Editors | Introducing Jeremy A. Jackson

Hello, friends and fellow Sonderers! My name’s Jeremy A. Jackson, and I am your new Creative Nonfiction editor, as well as the director of Marketing and Social Media. That all sounds very big and important, but who I really am is a young guy fresh out of college who really, truly loves reading and writing. I found out about Sonder this summer while working in a dead-end internship, trolling databases for magazines to advertise in. “This,” I thought, “is no ordinary periodical.” I tentatively sent Elena an email to see if she needed help, and before too long, I was safely in the fold of this wonderful journal, having the time of my life and helping to share beautiful work with you all.

Elena and I hail from the same alma mater (her mentor happened to be the professor and faculty advisor for my own foray into literary magazines, Gandy Dancer), but we knew right away that our ability to collaborate would be driven by far more than that. She and I have very similar aesthetic tastes in both writing and art, and a very similar approach to editing. Our brains also just generally work on a very similar wavelength (a scary thought), allowing us to just jive at nearly every intersection. I am very proud to have worked with her on Issue 7, and am very excited for all the issues to come. I’m also very excited to work closely with Sasha, who I believe to be a literal wizard. Seriously, I don’t understand how she creates the beautiful work she does (see: the new Sonder logo); magic is the only possible explanation.

To give you a little bit more background on who I am as a human being, I come from a very small, secluded town in the woods tucked away in the hills south of Buffalo. There wasn’t a lot to do growing up, so I spent the majority of my free time (the small section of it not spent in my high school’s theatre and music departments) cultivating my two greatest passions: my book collection and my internet knowledge. I was such a nerd that I would spend hours doing what I called “research,” which usually involved falling down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, learning as deeply and as broadly as I could. I later translated this into my penchant for research-based creative nonfiction – I love being able to tell fascinating and little-known stories in as eloquent prose as I can muster. The book collecting produced the other side of my double-barreled life; I am hoping to soon be pursuing my PhD in literature, with a focus on contemporary African American literature (I’m biting my nails waiting for responses to my applications as we speak). Between my academic interests and my current part-time job as a bookseller, I will never be at a loss for a book recommendation… or a long chat about books, if you find yourself so inclined.

So, what can you expect from me? Dedication, open-mindedness, and a steadfast passion that will ensure this wonderful endeavor continues. Consider me just another voice that is shouting the wonders of Sonder from the rooftops, helping to get your work out into the world where it belongs. Let’s do this.

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