From the Editors | Introducing Sasha Pincus

My name is Sasha and I’ve always found introductions to be immensely stressful. It’s not that I’m secretive, or disinterested in making your acquaintance … it’s just that there’s so much information to choose from. Should I keep it cool and write about my love of metafiction? Or should I get quirky and confess that I’ve always believed aliens are not only watching us, but judging our inability to go more than a few hours without eating.

It’s a tough decision. Especially considering there’s only so much you can be expected to care about.

In that regard, I’ll say this: I’m the Art Director of this up-and-coming publishing house, and a General Editor as well. Like Jeremy, what that really means is that I’m young, enthusiastic, and committed to taking this seriously. It’s not everyday you stumble (desperately) upon a group of people who so intensely reflect your own values. And even rarer that they welcome you on board.

Sonder, as a word, has been part of my life for several years now. It’s haunted my favorite daydreams like a shortened shadow under a summer sun. (Whatever that means.)

I’m excited to help you interact with the word as well, and everything it implies.

Talk to you soon,


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