From the Editors | The New Face of Sonder

Hello all!

Welcome to the new face of Sonder. As you can see – since here you are – we have a completely new and in my opinion, rather snazzy website. Our logo also got a revamp, courtesy of the brilliant Sasha Pincus, our ingenious Art Director/General Editor (have you met her? No? Go here.) And, with the help of Jeremy A. Jackson, our valiant Nonfiction Editor/Director of Marketing & Social Media (haven’t met him either? Go here.) we’ve also rethought our editorial services and subscription options. Our latest issue even has new clothes – a sleek, sophisticated, buttery 6x9 trade book.

So, why all the changes? What is all this about? Well, we want to be able to do more, to offer more, and since we were working to bring Sonder Press to life as it was, we thought – why not? Since you’ve already made it this far, why not take a few moments to look around:

The Sonder Review is now a bi-annual publication, winter/summer, in order to make sure we can continue to bring these well-crafted and uniquely conceived issues to life without compromise. We are currently open to submissions of short fiction, creative nonfiction, and art. AND, now, reviews and interviews exclusively for publication, right here, on our blog. While there remains no cost to submit, we do offer a tip jar submission to accompany your piece. We offer both traditional subscriptions as well as Patreon, for those who wish to contribute on their own terms – and receive some pretty neat perks including discounts, surprises from the editors, a book club, and issue audio books, just to name a few. We’ve also rethought our editorial services and are proud to offer both a developmental and line by line edit, each priced by word and custom quoted, so that we can provide the best service possible for this investment in your work, as well as oblige manuscripts of any shape and size.

Sonder was begun to celebrate the evocative, the profound. The divergent and the peculiar. To astonish, to provoke and beguile. It was created through the desire to foster and promote exceptional writing – singular voices, necessary visions. And this is what we continue today. I began Sonder with a desire to work with writers, to help their work realize its full potential. To watch it grow and take shape into something unexpected, something even richer, more weighted. Something which couldn’t have been without collaboration. It’s this passion which is driving me to expand Sonder still. To offer not only the review, our editorial services, but now, Sonder Press as well.

The press ( – or simply click the logo) should be up and running by early March, opening to both general manuscript submissions AND our inaugural chapbook contest, to be held twice yearly, once for short fiction, once for creative nonfiction. Make sure to keep an eye out as all things Sonder continue to develop – especially the cover release of our press’s first publication, slated for early 2018! – in the coming weeks.

At the end of the day, Sonder is about inclusivity, about collaboration and community. About seeing where it might take us. And if nothing else, I hope we’ve made – I hope we make – a difference. Even if it’s small. Even if it’s just to you.

So please, join the journey. We’d love to welcome you home.

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