From the Editors | Introducing Lexi Castiglione

Hey all, I’m Lexi, the new Assistant Editor at The Sonder Review. I’m a soon-to-be graduate in English, essayist, voracious reader, and the editor-in-chief of an on-campus literary journal.

In December, I was led to Sonder through a random Google search and was impressed by what I saw. Sonder seemed much like the little student publication I’ve been running myself — small but resilient, decisive but thoughtful, and most of all cultivated with a fundamental love. Within a few weeks of eagerly inquiring if Elena would like my help, I was brought into the mix. Thus far it’s been a lot of thumbs up and heart emojis from Elena, so I think I’m doing a good job.

A passion for words and all their wonder has been part of me since childhood. The first story I remember writing was one about finding a beautiful horse in the cemetery near my house that actually ended up being a time traveling horse. Since then, I’ve written my fair share of slapdash fiction; more recently, I’ve fallen in love with the nonfiction essay. Editing, however, is where I flex my muscles. Digging my fingers into the clay of a story and smoothing out the lumps is something I’ve always found cathartic.

Aside from all of that, though, I’m truly just a food fanatic, abuser of hyperbole, shameless pun dropper, and captain of a fake women’s football team. I’m excited to be working for this miraculous magazine. You will be hearing from me again, I’m sure.

-- Lexi Castiglione

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